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Landlord / Tenant Reporting Form:

York County Assessment Office:

PA Property Tax & Rent Rebate:

Request for Borough & School Per Capita Exoneration:
Full Time Students, Former residents who have moved PRIOR to the start of the tax year, Permanent residents of a Nursing facility, Residents under 18 years of age, Active Duty Military residents, Residents who have moved into the Borough who have proof of paying a similar tax for the same tax year to another taxing authority, Residents with Income less than $5000, and families of deceased taxpayers should submit this form to apply for exemption of Per Capita taxes.

Income Statement for Borough & School Per Capita Exoneration:
If you are filing an Exoneration request for Per Capita taxes on the basis of Low Income, you MUST file this form with your exoneration

Request for Occupation Credit for School Per Capita:

This does NOT absolve you from 100% of School Per Capita Tax. It gives a credit to those who are Retired or Disabled AND no longer working.